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Fillet of venison rolled in powdered mushrooms.


Fillet of venison
1 fillet of around 700g
Cut the fillet into 160-gram portions. Leave the meat to dry on a tea cloth, then roll it in powdered mushrooms.
Wrap the meat tightly in aluminium foil, modelling it to shape. Tie a knot at each end in order to preserve this shape.
Put the meat in the oven at 54°C (130° F) for around 2-3 hours. Before serving, sear the meat in a hot pan.

Wild pigeon
2 wild pigeons
Fillet the breasts. Check for the presence of holes and residues of blood due to the shot used to kill the birds.
Keep all the leftovers for making stock.
The fillet has to be prepared just before serving.

Chocolate glaze
The scraps from the fillet
20 cl. of Madeira
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
400g vegetables (carrot, celery and leek)
5 cl. of raspberry vinegar
Dried spices (black pepper, juniper and bay leaves)
1 litre of beef stock
60g of Callebaut 70% cacao chocolate
20g of butter
Cut the onion and garlic in half and heat in a pan with the dried spices. Chop the various scraps from the fillet and put them in the pan along with the vegetables, the Madeira and the raspberry vinegar; boil briefly before adding the beef stock. Reduce the stock by half over a low heat, then turn it off and let it rest for an hour.
To finish preparing the stock, bring to the boil, add the chocolate and butter (use an immersion blender) and a pinch of salt.

Beans and Morel mushrooms
160g of string beans
80g of black beans
6g of dried Morel mushrooms
5 cl. of Cognac
½ shallot
Herbs (chives, chervil and parsley)
A tablespoon of butter
Maldon salt
Rinse the beans and put them in water (1 part beans to 3 parts water). Leave them to soak for 12 hours. Boil the beans for about one hour.
Soak the Morel mushrooms in Cognac for 12-24 hours, until the brandy has been completely absorbed.
Cut the Morel mushrooms in half and clean off any residue, then chop them coarsely and put them back in some Cognac. Chop the shallot and the herbs finely.
Sauté the beans in butter, then add the Morel mushrooms and Cognac Add and stir in the herbs before serving. Add salt.

Beetroot glazed with liquorice
2 large or 4 small beetroots
1 small tablespoon of cane sugar
1 small tablespoon of liquorice syrup
5 cl. of balsamic vinegar
20 cl. of red wine
30 cl. of water
Salt and pepper
Peel the beetroots and cut them in half lengthwise; put all of the ingredients in a saucepan, in which you cook the beetroots al dente and then remove them. Leave the stock to simmer on a low heat, then put the beetroots back in and leave them to cook in the syrup, which will attach itself to them.

Green cabbage purée
150 g of green cabbage leaves
10 cl. of fizzy water
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
Boil a saucepan full of water, add the cabbage leaves and then put them straightaway in cold water. Put the green cabbage, the fizzy water, the salt and sugar together in a mixer. Blend fast for 3-5 minutes. When the purée has a homogeneous texture, pass it through a strainer. Warm over a low heat.

Salad of green and red cabbage
Shortly before serving, take 5-6 leaves per person, put them in ice-cold water, dress and serve.