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Roast Shin of Hokkaido Venison, Cesari Valpolicella sauce and dried Porcini mushrooms, served with fried squares of polenta and melting "Danshaku" potato.

A Shin of young "Ezo" Venison ("Ezo" is the name of the deer of Hokkaido, a slightly different breed from European deer)
1 Onion
2 celery stalks
1 carrot
4 cloves of garlic
A bouquet garni of Thyme and Rosemary
10 grams of dried porcini mushrooms
1/2 litre of Valpolicella wine
1/10 litre of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Black Pepper
1 tablespoon of Wild Fennel
Yellow polenta
1 Danshaku potato

Pan fry the venison over a high heat, pour over part of the wine and allow it to reduce.
Place the venison in a high-sided ovenproof dish. Using a paring knife, cut some small slits in the meat and insert the whole cloves of garlic. Add the vegetables (chopped up small), the herbs, salt, pepper, the reconstituted porcini, the wild fennel and the rest of the wine. Cook in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes at 180°C, then for 40 minutes at 160°C. Every 10 minutes, baste the meat with its gravy.
When the hour has passed, remove it from the oven, wrap up the venison in aluminium foil and allow it to rest for an hour, keeping it warm. In the meantime skim the sauce, remove the vegetables and correct its density if necessary. Carve the venison into slices 2 cm thick, place them on a plate with the sauce and garnish with little squares of polenta (fried crisp) and the Danshaku potato boiled over a low flame. Decorate with some crushed fennel seeds.