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Looking for purity


We have made you wait for a couple of weeks but finally we can announce that our Jema 2010, after a long aging, is ready to tell his personality. There will be 32,000 bottles in the market in the next months, a number that, although is higher than 2009, it remains limited as guarantee of a high quality product which is getting appreciation in all markets. Jema is the result of our research on the Corvina in purity, the main grape variety of Valpolicella, but rarely vinified pure, without the combination with other grapes. It’s a wine that stands out the typical organoleptic characteristics of Valpolicella and despite a long aging, it amazes for its qualities of freshness and soft and full taste. An amaze for anyone who drinks it, but also a sensorial journey to discover the scents of the great wines of Valpolicella.