Photo Award
Looking for purity


A story has never been forgotten, as evidenced by the thousands of letters addressed to Juliet that every year come to Verona. A true heritage of words and stories of love, that have always inspired poets and writers of all time. And the idea of rewarding the most beautiful book of love gave birth in 1996 to the International Literary Prize "Writing for Love." A unique competition, which this year will see the support of Gerardo Cesari of Cavaion Veronese. A collaboration that will finally add two real passions: the most pure feeling of love, symbolized by the figure of Juliet, and the great passion for the land and culture of Verona, represented by Gerardo Cesari wines. A combination that will not be limited only to the International Literary Prize but will continue with many interesting initiatives: from the autumn issue, the newsletter will Cesari in fact a space curated by the Juliet Club, where you can read the most significant love letters colleced over the years, thereby promoting one of the most romantic traditions of the city of Verona.